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710 Somerset Blvd. 

Suite 103

Charles Town, WV 25414

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Arvessa Skin Care Center Offers Cryoskin for Facial and Toning Help

Arvessa Skin Care Center offers Cryoskin in Charles Town, WV, to help “trouble areas” on the body. Cryoskin can help to reduce double chin, love handles, upper arms, cellulite, and other areas. We offer three different types of Cryoskin services: CryoFacial®, CryoSlimming®, and CryoToning®. Our skin care professionals recommend five sessions for best results. Please note that fat cell reduction is permanent as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Call Arvessa Skin Care Center at (304) 728-8661 to schedule a consultation. We can privately discuss your concerns and review any medical history.

What Is Cryoskin?

Cryoskin is a non-invasive way to reduce fat in various areas, including the stomach, upper arms, and legs. There are three different types of Cryoskin treatment that can help to treat various skin problems. These include:

  • CryoFacial. CryoFacial treatment is done weekly. It stimulates collagen and elastin. This treatment helps with inflammation, acne scarring, pores, fine lines, and texture issues.
  • CryoToning. This treatment is also done weekly. CryoToning is great for any part of the body. Some common uses include abdominal tightening and cellulite treatment.
  • CryoSlimming. Patients visit for this treatment every two weeks. CryoSlimming provides permanent fat reduction for any area of the body. Common areas include double chin, upper arms, stomach, back of legs, and other areas.

We complete Cryoskin treatments in three stages. This includes heated massage and cold treatment to kill fat cells that are eliminated through the lymphatic system over a two-week span. Our experts then finish the treatment with another heated massage.

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Are you looking to reduce fat with a non-invasive treatment? Contact Arvessa Skin Care Center in Charles Town, WV. Both of our skin care specialists are certified in Cryoskin treatment. We will be happy to discuss options and determine the best Cryoskin treatment for you.

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